Jetro-Rod is a unique, local-based company, which is part of the well-established JLR Utility Services Ltd.

We are a designated Plumbing & Drainage Company offering a comprehensive range of services covering un-blocking, new installations, repairs of pipes including pipe investigations using the latest locating and CCTV equipment. 

To un-block we use electro-mechanical, vacuum, pneumatic and high pressure jetting processes to provide services such as:

  • full comprehensive unblocking for internal and external situations
  • de-scaling in pipes & drains
  • root cutting in drains
  • clear awkward roof guttering and downpipes
  • roof moss removal
  • high pressure drain cleaning
  • unblock toilets, basins showers & baths
  • unblock outside gullies & soil stacks 
  • clear pipes 15mm to 300mm
  • jet clean pipes 100mm over 100 metres long
  • We carry out routine maitenance for commercial premises where blocked drains can grind their business to a halt, again we use a camera and jetting policy, making sure the drain is fully servicable before we leave the premises
  • Jetro-Rod offers a drain mapping service, most customers have no idea of the direction of their drains untill it is too late and the manhole are full making some unblocking time consuming, so know where your drains are, what goes into it and which manhole cover to makes sense ! 


  • We are probably the only company in the south-east to carry such specialist equipment; unblocking tools, machinery and camera technology
  • Due to having specialist gutter cleaning equipment, we can provide a very competitive rate and work without the use of scaffold or access equipment in awkward locations
  • We provide a total unblocking service, completing jobs many other companies cannot do
  • We have knowledge and long-term experience in the building industry, meaning we understand the structures we are working with, thus solving a problem quickly
  • We offer a service above phone directory call out companies and do not charge for call outs
  • We leave our working area clean and sanitized and safe for your use
  • We are CRB checked, having worked with institutions such as schools and nursing homes
  • We are totally trustworthy
  • We are considerate working near children and pets
  • Over the years the public has lost confidence in franchised drain cleaning companies, most make out they are based in an area....whom are very quick to demand cash or prompt card payments, generally not considerate with no after sales service, we have been and will be here a long term and only a phone call away. view our previous clients please.
  • On going problem ? We get the evidence the customer requires, we have the latest CCTV recording equipment and a range of different size cameras, we view & record, locate from above and know exactly we to dig, we also offer a range of No-Dig drain repairs , view JLR Utility Services to see more information !
  • Our Harben pump is well suited for rural applications, remember when time is money the right tool for the job is a must, most franchised van pumps run at 8 gallon a minute@3000psi, ours run at 12 gallon a minute@4000psi meaning we punch through a blockage quicker, this pressure is maintained up to a 100 metres away !
  • Collect one of our Jetro-Rod business cards in Sainsburys, Sevenoaks

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