Part of JLR Utility Services Ltd, is a specialist company covering southern England and totally independent of the water companies.

Our previous clients normally share the same problem; they have a leak within their boundary and there are generally three reasons for the cause:

  • Water collecting and seeping up through the ground
  • Their water meter turns when there is no consumer draw off, which will also add cost to their sewage bill. These people become good water board customers!
  • If they have no water meter, a water company inspector will visit, warn of the water loss, serve a notice to repair, followed by a notice of enforcement including fitting a meter.

So who do you turn to?

Operatives at Waterleak-Detection are trained by Radiodetection and use their specialist equipment to trace along the length of the watermain, also locating other services in case they are also damaged during excavation.

Once the pipe has been mapped, we track the length using sophisticated correlation techniques or other electronic ground-listening devices.

When the leak is found you can always request a quote for replacement or repair from our sister company JLR Utility Services.

Contact us any time for advice or a no obligation quote.


Radiodetection Certificate